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I am just a minstrel - I hear things as I travel

‡ Sheik of the Sheikah

9/4/09 10:10 pm - ‡ Nine [Voice]

[It starts with a song, as it often does, soft and vivid with images of dappled green light and ground carpeted with moss, the smell of dirt and leaves. He speaks after a moment's pause.]

Angeal, sir. If you need people to volunteer for your proposals, then I will. The ghosts here may not be what I am used to... what any of us are used to, wholly speaking... but it does not render us incapable.

[Locked to Link // Unhackable]

So, what are you going to do now?

7/12/09 02:58 pm - ‡ Eight [Voice]

They say it was some... fox spirit, I believe?

What's to say it was not something else?

7/6/09 06:06 pm - ‡ Seven [Voice]

Well, the novelty is thoughtful, at least.

...Still. I'm sure most of us could do without it.

[Locked to Link//Unhackable]

You've spoken to the one named Seth, haven't you?

6/19/09 03:35 pm - ‡ Six [Voice]

[He is playing music again, in the background.]

All of us from different places, different cultures... The idea of 'ghosts' and 'spirits' is subsequently different amongst us all. Yet these are more familiar to some than others? It seems so, anyway...

Yet some of the solutions, temporary or unreliable as they may be here, seem universal...

Strange, isn't it?

6/4/09 06:15 pm - ‡ Five [Voice]

[The rain is a steady, rhythmic drumming, relentless, making Sheik almost difficult to hear.]

Hide and seek seems to be something of a running theme.

...At least we're the seekers this time.

5/30/09 01:05 am - ‡ Four [Voice]

[The song just heard as a sweet little ringtone is playing, softly, picked out on lyre strings. On the first few rounds, a couple of the notes are wrong, but not for long.]

I wonder...

...quite the macabre herald, it seems. No more?

[The music stops, the lyre set aside]

It seems a number of the ghosts are quite adept at possessing, then. And in variations, too.

...perhaps we ought to take note.

5/14/09 06:20 pm - ‡ Three [Voice]

[Once again, Sheik speaks over quiet music. His voice is cool, pensive.]

I have to wonder, as we grow settled, with no real power over us...

What is our purpose here?

Unless we are to somehow give the restless souls peace...

5/9/09 09:59 pm - ‡ Two [Voice]

[Music is heard, soft, that of strings, a harp or a lyre. The song is brief but bright, perhaps some equivalent to breaking dawn. After is, there's an odd sound, like rushing wind, and then Sheik's speaks.]

Mixed success, Link.

5/1/09 06:10 pm - ‡ One [Voice]

[As introductory posts, this one is remarkably well composed. The male voice from the computer is soft, low, almost musical.]

A city of ghosts, it seems… but not of the Hylia, that much is apparent…

4/25/09 10:43 pm - ‡ the melody that will draw you into the infinite darkness

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Name: Sheik
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